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Jodi Mercier owner. paparazzi. picture taker. artist. lover of flowers.


 Children are my favorite kind of people.  They are honest and beautiful and amazing.  They laugh at my silly jokes (or don’t, and give me confused faces which I love too).  From the moment they are born they have this way of making you fall for them.  Their sweet little noises, their fresh smells, the way the cuddle up on your chest like you’re the only one they love.  I am here to capture those moments for you, forever.  Their tiny hands and 10 little toes , their perfect little nose, their beautiful eyes, the love you have for them...all this and more will all be highlighted in your portraits that you will stare at ALL THE TIME.  I promise.

My goal is to document your family just the way you see them.  Goofy, loving, crazy, compassionate, serious…whatever your children are, I will capture it so you can plaster those emotions and attitudes on your walls. So you never forget.  Ever. 

When I photograph your family, wherever it is, the session will be about all of you.  In the forest, in the wildflowers, at an ice-cream shop, at your antique mall you may love, in your living room…It does not matter.  Love will shine from your images.  So you will never forget. Ever.

Commissioning me will change your ideas on what you think a “family photo shoot” is.   We will laugh.  We will explore.  We will make memories.  And you will never forget. Ever.


**Photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Tracey Currier

What Do Our Customers Think

Why Choose me? may not "need" little ol' me, but you do need to capture today...preserve it just as you are right now. I can do that for you. Trust me!

This one is true. I do need you. I crave people. I love people. I love hearing stories about people. Especially funny ones. I cannot wait to meet you!

Ok. Since we got all the needy stuff out of the me when I say you will have fun. I love to laugh, and do so often. I try to take all the seriousness out of the portrait session. No...that is not true...I love capturing just a couple of serious faces too.

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