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Jodi Mercier owner. paparazzi. picture taker. artist. lover of flowers.


About me. Hmm. I love strawberries. Only the sweet ones though. And chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream. But not together. My favorite color is green. I am not sure just has always been green. My favorite number is 5. I always will choose tails when flipping the coin, because "tails never fails!". I wear jeans. Every. Day. (when it's cold) I like wearing black because they say it is a slimming color. I am short. Very short, but I am also okay with that! I love to sing in the shower. And in the car. And when I do the dishes. Hee the dishes...I love my husband because HE does the dishes! But, I will sing while he does them if he wants me to! I love to dance, but only in my living room. I LOVE being a mom to boys. They are beautiful, and funny, and laugh like angels. They remind me of what it is like to be that little. They make it okay for me to play with play dough, stick out my tongue, and make paper airplanes.  I have a awesome "dogter" really...she is smart and sweet and fun.  She will sing to me and say momma and I love you, and sneezes on command.  Really...ask me to have her do it when you come visit me!   I have loved photography since I was about 8 years old and received my first camera.  A pink 110.  That's right folks...I am THAT old.  Photography has been a way of life for so long that it just comes natural to me.  Documenting life is so important and I want to help you document yours.  I love my job, and when you meet me, you will know it. I love babies, toddlers and children of all ages. I will laugh, stick out my tongue, make monkey sounds and do whatever else it takes to capture your children like you see them every day. I cannot wait to meet them!

**Photo courtesy of the lovely and talented Tracey Currier

What Do Our Customers Think

Why Choose me? may not "need" little ol' me, but you do need to capture today...preserve it just as you are right now. I can do that for you. Trust me!

This one is true. I do need you. I crave people. I love people. I love hearing stories about people. Especially funny ones. I cannot wait to meet you!

Ok. Since we got all the needy stuff out of the me when I say you will have fun. I love to laugh, and do so often. I try to take all the seriousness out of the portrait session. No...that is not true...I love capturing just a couple of serious faces too.

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